Delos - Mykonos

Price 50.00

Come with us and visit the islands of Delos and Mykonos!

The excursion boat starts its journey from the port of Naoussa at 09.30 and after a short stop in Naxos, it arrives in Delos at 10:20. 

Here is an excursion that combines the interest in History and Archeology with the cosmopolitan style!

Admire Delos, the small granite birthplace of the god of light. A visit of great historical and archaeological interest. Delos is a reference point not only for History enthusiasts but also an important place for all those involved in spiritualism and philosophy. According to the ancient Greek mythology Spring was signaled by the return of the god Apollo on Delos. The island with its unique archaeological sites · The History of over three thousand years unfolds on the monuments. Surely you will feel that you have disembarked and got carried away at another time ... While you stay at Delos you can admire, among others, the sanctuary of Apollo, the processional gallery of Lions, the theater, the gallery and the House of the Naxians, the Temple of Leto as well as the wonderful exhibits in the local museum. After three hours that you have at your disposal to meet and explore Delos, at 13.45 you will find yourselves at a very different scenery, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos with its unparalleled Cycladic architecture.

While visiting Mykonos discover what made the island so famous and it is listed among the top travel destinations worldwide. Walk the narrow streets and see the beautiful windmills to “ little Venice”. Also you should not miss the opportunity to visit the interesting museums of the island (Archaeological, Navy, Folklore, etc.) in order to explores also the other aspects of the place, those of history and rich traditional life.

Golden sandy beaches and the Aegean landscape overwhelmed with whitewashed and blue colors put a spell on the fortunate visitors!.

At 17.00 the boat departs from Mykonos and at 18.20 arrives back in Naoussa, Paros. From there you may head back to your accommodation comfortably in the sophisticated and luxury vehicles with the transfer services of our agency.

The entrance fee of the archaeological site of Delos is 12 € and is not included in the price of the ticket.