Heraklia - Koufonisia

Price 45.00

The cruise begins from the port of Piso Livadi at 10.00. Our first stop is at 11.10, on the island of Heraklia where we may enjoy a beautiful walk, surrounded by that amazingly picturesque scenery.

During your stay in Iraklia for one hour and ten minutes you will have the opportunity to wander around the island’s beautiful harbor and enjoy your walk to its picturesque streets. This small inhabited island at the South of the so-called “small Cyclades” is worth the visit not only to get a taste of the mostly traditional and simple life on the island but also to admire the raw and rare beauty.

Our next stop is Koufonisi. You will have at your disposal 4 ½ hours to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the island that will inspire you and will relax you. The tranquility, combined with unique images of the crystal clear water, will make you forget of the time. The unaffected beauty and serenity of Koufonisi will lead you to a paradise like atmosphere .The beautiful beaches are ideal for swimming and while you are there you can also taste fresh fish and other local delicacies.

At 17.15 you will board the ship and at 18.30 you will be back in Piso Livadi. Return to your accommodation with comfort and safety, with the transfer services Anemomylos travel.