Price 65.00

Visit with us the volcanic and seductive island of Santorini!

Travel to the mythical Atlantis and be acquainted with the island which is admired throughout the world!

The excursions’ boat starts from the port of Piso Livadi at 08.00 and arrives at the port of Athinios at 10.20. We make sure that you find yourselves at the embarkation port of Piso Livadi on time with our comfortable and sophisticated buses with the transfer services you can book with Anemomylos travel.

Upon arrival, you will board on a luxury bus. While touring the island by bus you will have the chance to admire the traditional architecture of the village of Oia and the picturesque town of Fira. During your stay for 1½ hours in the picturesque village of Oia be sure to visit the Maritime Museum, housed in a traditional old mansion .The ships of Santorini were the first to travel the Aegean sea seven thousand years ago and the Seamanship of the island is an ancient craft.

Then, for about 2½ hours you will find yourselves in the capital of the island, the town of Fira, which is built in the most unusual and unique way, on top of steep cliffs. You can visit the Cultural Centre at the venetian Gyzi Mansion, in the center of the catholic district, where events of cultural interest take place, such as art exhibitions, theater etc. Also, there is a permanent exhibition of old maps and documents relating to Santorini and the other Cyclades. Very interesting is also a visit to the Archaeological Museum, which has many artifacts representing of the long history of the island, mostly pottery and figurines of the Cycladic civilization.

Anywhere on this magical island, the pictures you will take will look like postcards, especially on the caldera with the immersive views that will take your breath away.

For your information this is the longest volcanic caldera in the world.

At 16.30 you will board the excursions boat and at 19.00 you will be back in Piso Livadi. Then, with our modern buses and the transfer services of Anemomylos travel,
you will return to your accommodation The night in Paros awaits for you!

   The price of the ticket includes a bus guided tour in English & Italian in Oia and Fira.